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Uncertainty In Entrepreneurship

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Uncertainty in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship presents great uncertainties that conventional business engagements do not necessarily have to contend with. As such, it requires that one gets into it to discover how deep this can get. The nature of entrepreneurship is such that there is little or no background and experience from the past to draw from. Hence, uncertainty is inherently embedded into entrepreneurial activity.

Uncertainty is an uncomfortable state of mind to be in at any one point. It propels one to experience anxiety and fear, which can progressively develop into deeper negative emotional experiences.

How can an entrepreneur insulate against anxiety and fear that can cripple their everyday entrepreneurial efforts?

A-accept that entrepreneurship has a high uncertainty rate which is unavoidable. This allows you to work around unclear issues with more wisdom, patience and skill, over time. Getting acquainted with uncertainties is a big and necessary step.

B-build networks with other entrepreneurs who act as social support through the uncomfortable situations. They also offer valuable feedback on one’s progress as well as critical insights into what can develop the engagements further.

C-commit to making your entrepreneurial engagement work, improve, adjust to emerging contexts and succeed. This allows you to focus on the important things to be prioritized as well as resources available within your context.

D-develop requisite skills that support your kind of entrepreneurial work. Both formal and informal learning are important in this process as they complement each other. Advanced technology has allowed great knowledge and training accessible via diverse digital platforms.

Uncertainty in Entrepreneurship

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