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Transitions are here with us. No day ends without the need to change, something, be it our view, our attitude, our approach, even our location. Transition requires and means that we change. We all fear change and work to delay it but the discomfort of the same posture and position pushes us to embrace change The motion from a place of comfort to a new and unfamiliar one is bridged by transition. It is, of essence and necessity, a season of great discomfort, distress, uncertainty, some delusion, confusion and sometimes strong internal and external resistance. Transition carries with it a familiar past. It is fresh, close to the heart and an anticipated future, situated precariously in the present. The bigger challenge for many is how to navigate from the familiar to the unfamiliar. This transition is badly in need of being well understood. Even more, is the need to know how to think and act during transitions.


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