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Our lives are full of different things we must engage with and do to achieve the many goals we have set for ourselves. Sometimes, we are not as motivated as we should be and end up being reluctant to engage in certain activities. We end up procrastinating, doing them badly, or focusing on less strenuous ones. Sloth can paralyze our progress and cause us to stagnate and become even less motivated.

Is slothfulness genetic? Is it a choice?

It must be close to human nature as we all experience it sometimes. It may come from a point of fear of succeeding and hence we just choose not to exert ourselves as we should. We may hopeless and lose all sense of progress and creativity, thereby choose to do nothing. It may be that we actually value slothfulness and enjoy inactivity, if only to conserve energy for what we value most or think will yield the best.

All in all, slothfulness is an enigma.


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